The Pilling Pig – A History of the Garstang & Knott End Railway

The Pilling Pig – A History of Garstang & Knott End Railway by Dave Richardson. Published by Cumbrian Railways Association, 2018. Quarto, 112 pages, illustrated. £15 + £2.50 post and packing. Overseas please ask for a quote.

    “The latest CRA publication sees a slight move out of Cumbria into Lancashire to explore the origins and history of the Garstang & Knott End Railway (GKER) branch which ran from the now West Coast Main Line at Garstang to the terminus at Knott End on the river Wyre opposite Fleetwood.

Researched and written by CRA member Dave Richardson, this fascinating and detailed book covers the whole history of this charismatic line and its train nicknamed “The Pilling Pig”.

Starting from the origins and construction in the latter half of the 19th century, through the days of independent operation, Grouping, Nationalisation and up until final complete closure in 1965, this publication provides a highly comprehensive and detailed history.

As well as covering the general history of the railway, there are separate detailed chapters on the infrastructure and signalling, the goods and passenger services, the locomotives and rolling stock and, as a bonus, the Preesall salt industry.

The book contains numerous illustrations, some previously unpublished photographs and a wide range of detailed layout maps showing the development of the line and the stations. Also included are drawings of a selection of the locomotives, rolling stock and structures.”

We also have the following CRA new publications in stock:

Millom – A Cumberland Iron Town and its Railways by Alan Atkinson.  2012. Quarto, 112 pages, index, illustrated. £14 + £2.50 post and packing. Overseas please ask for a quote.

The book looks at both the industry of the area and the railways between the Duddon and the Esk. Chapter headings are:

  1. Pre-Industrial Millom (1086-1860)
  2. The Arrival of the Railway (1835-1866)
  3. Hodbarrow – A Great Mine (1855-1968)
  4. Millom Ironworks (1867-1968)
  5. The New Town (1866 onwards)
  6. The Furness Railway takes over (1866-1923)
  7. The Railway after 1923

Railwaymen of Cumbria Remembered – A Roll of Honour in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the service of their country during the Great War 1914-1918 researched and compiled by Peter Robinson. Published by CRA to mark the 90th Anniversary of the Armistice. £5 + £2 post and packing. Overseas please ask for a quote.

The book covers the following railways: Calendonian Railway, Citadel Station Joint Committee, Cleator & Workington Railway, Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith Railway, Furness Railway, Glasgow & South Western Railway, London & North Western Railway, London & North Western & Furness Railways Joint Committee, Maryport & Carlisle Railway, Midland Railway, North British Railway and the North Eastern Railway,




New Book – Men of Swaledale

Paperback. Small octavo, 99 pages, illustrated.

Hayloft Publishing have recently republished the Yorkshire history classic “Men of Swaledale – An Account of Yorkshire Farmers and Miners” by Edmund Cooper. Originally published in 1960 it “contains precious stories from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries giving a real view of the hardships of farming and mining life.

There are tales of bare fist fights between hard working, hard drinking miners – some of these boxing matches were terrifying encounters. The miners who fought were strong, hefty men and stripped to the waist they punched hard with pounding blows, once beating off Weardale miners who had come over the moor intent on stealing game and sheep.

The book describes trips to Brough Hill Fair to buy horses, and Scots cattle drovers making their way down Swaledale. There are many insights into farming life, schools, religion, music nights, Old Christmas Day love feasts and much more.”

£10 plus £2 post and packing.